eleanorj92 Janat's moving to LA! 2y
  •   fernanda_james_ Tucan :) 1w
  •   uhh.dhara wtf since when did half of these photos exist . oh god im so bad at paying attention 1w
  •   1dthebestboyband Please everyone! Stop hating Eleanor! If you think she's not human, then u're not! She's the most human down on earth! I have never talked to her but i know she is! She's the most beautiful girl on earth, the most geogeous girl... I love her so much, and so do Louis! So stop with the hates, and accept that Louis is HAPPY with her! I was studying when i saw a message about someone hating Eleanor, so I stopped to defend her... Love you El! Xxx #StayStrong #Youarebeautiful Oh and El, Love Your Haters, They're Your Biggest Fans! Love uu 7d
  •   onlymaliks I really love this girl .... I want to meet her so bad ... I love because of who u are !!!! No hate please !!! I really love elanor n Louis together !!! 6d
  •   sofia_leone01 Mi fanno ridere le Larry che commentano le foto di eleanor scrivendo Larry ridicole 2d
  •   harold.officiall i l y s m 2d
  •   novzlouist91 hi tina! ! 2d
  •   jenna_craig32 Beautiful 5h

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