eleanorj92 Janat's moving to LA! 2y
  •   rociofabres You're nice person, you're cute. 7d
  •   http.neri_ LARRY LA RULEA 6d
  •   daria_tvr You are so beautiful! OMG 5d
  •   luz_shelley_stylinson Larry, Bitch!!!!! 5d
  •   warriors_1d OOOOOG LARRY DON'T EXIST!! 4d
  •   _living.dead_ This doesn't even have to do with anything about larry, All the comment are like "LARRY!!" "LARRY IS REAL" "OMG LARRRYYYY" Can you just please sdfu! This post has NOTHING! I reapeat NOTHING, N O T H I N G with larry.! I mean really? ES & LS meed to grow the fuck up! I ship Elounor hard fucking core! But do I comment on every single god damn post saying "ELOUNOR" No, Cause I'M actually grown up unlinke some ES/LS 2d
  •   marleesthings My mum says I'm cool, so I just wanted everyone to know that. 1d

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