mybeardedpigeon Ta-da!!! Banana piklets! #havetostopmyselffromeatingthewholeplate #kiddoesntlikethem??!! Delish and easy, recipe perfected over 25years via @veggie_mama 3y
  •   chachimonchachi Well I'm sure the little one has it sorted but the big one well where do I start? 3y
  •   mybeardedpigeon @chachimonchachi no- she doesn't like them either! Rejection from my family! 3y
  •   chachimonchachi Hahaa! Got to love trade offs? Save them for the next addition!? 3y
  •   veggie_mama Yum!!!! Good stuff. You did me proud x 3y
  •   mybeardedpigeon @chachimonchachi I am going to freeze them so I don't eat them all! 3y
  •   mybeardedpigeon @veggie_mama my Chef was impressed with how much better they were than the ones I made last week from an old recipe- your heaps better; fluffier lighter. Thank you! 3y
  •   veggie_mama Ugh, there's nothing worse than a non-fluffy pikeket! Glad they passed muster. There's a good chance I'm gonna make some now... 3y
  •   f_a_n_d_a_n_g_o_e Yum! 3y

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