neelykins Fun coming home to these goodies from misikko! 2y
  •   whaleflipflops I seriously feel like the only blogger on the planet whom they haven't contacted. 2y
  •   neelykins Ummm I felt that way for a year lol 2y
  •   lori_williams They haven't contacted me either. Get me on that list! 2y
  •   thenerdykatie I want on that list too! 2y
  •   stresscasey Add me to the list too haha!! 2y
  •   shelleybells07 Me too :) 2y
  •   jacquie364 I am on the not contacted list as well :( 2y
  •   meganlawless Lots of bloggers got this today!! Lucky lady!! :) 2y

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