vegansofig As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was very depressed to learn that Stella McCartney's perfume was made by L'Oreal. So I went on a quest to find a replacement scent. This was quite the challange, as I'm an exceptionally picky when it comes to scents. Perfume is expensive. So I tracked down every store that in the LA region that carried cruelty free, vegan perfume to sample. Everything that I couldn't find from my research, I ordered samples online. To give you an idea, I like peony, rose, jasmine, gardenia, vanilla, and coconut scents. I'm not into the herbal /citrusy scents. My top pick: Kai Fragrance: Perfume Oil. I emailed their company and they confirmed that "there are no animal derived ingredients in their products." Win! (Go with the oil, the perfume is too light and more expensive).Their products smell AMAZING. The next two fragrances I enjoyed were Pacifica's "Tahitian Gardenia" and Lush's "Vanillary." I also enjoyed KleanSpa's fragrances, particularly the "Nectar" and "Fresh Rain" scents. However they were a bit too tropical for my taste, and I don't know how often I'd actually wear them. I also tried: Monoi Tiare Tahiti, Talulah Jane, A Perfume Organic, and Ajne. On etsy: Sweet Anthem, Skinplicity, Starlet Glam, and Little Batch. I wasn't too thrilled with their scents. You know that feeling when you walk by someone and you're like, "Wow, you smell amazing. I totally want to bone you." That's what I'm looking for and I found that with Kai Fragrance. Mission accomplished. #vegansofig 4y

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