btober my car has arrived in FL :D 2y
  •   btober @jaredtellier primer>paint>clear 2y
  •   matheusmarcato Sick dude!!! 2y
  •   sodermark You can soon follow my new project 2y
  •   iamdavedevine I drive down each year it blows doing it alone. I should just ship mine. I live in boca 2y
  •   btober @_devine1 yeahh if you think gass and all its easier to just ship it and fly 2y
  •   iamdavedevine Maybe I'll do that next time I go back up to jersey. I see you know Kacper. I use to work with him at open road. Are you from around those parts? 2y
  •   btober @_devine1 small world! as usual and im from south more longbranch 2y
  •   iamdavedevine Tru. Im right in eastbrunswick by Ru. You go to school down here or something? 2y

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