t_chaz What else are you going to drink when you get a 4 hr delay... 2y
  •   t_chaz @kbvans I may have another if you don't answer my VFLI email, you're making me paranoid... 2y
  •   t_chaz @seltzerlikethewater crazy thunder and lighting storms down here. What about u? You should go chill in that bath tub... 2y
  •   t_chaz @blackyck who says I didn't 2y
  •   seltzerlikethewater I think it's up in Ny. We boarded the plan which was a sham then we were deplaned now just waiting more and more. No weather here in cinci though 2y
  •   kbvans I have your email address sent to spam, did you send something? 2y
  •   brennaoakley Nice! I need one of those after dodging lightening landing in Chicago! 2y
  •   t_chaz @kbvans are you sure it's spam. I am sure it just gets lost with VF's top secret security lockdown... 2y

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