•   kobi_refaeli 2y
  •   maya_b__ @kobire_gf  2y
  •   asherahamor Thank you so much for the likes and kind comments! Love your photos of Tel Aviv... I was there for a short time and loved it 2y
  •   maya_b__ @asherahamor thanks a lot!u should cone again it is lovely  Where u from by the way? 2y
  •   asherahamor I am from the states (Massachusetts) but my brother did birthright and then an internship in Israel, so I was able to visit! 2y
  •   maya_b__ @asherahamor cool!so as I said u should come again 2y
  •   dylan_nolte Beautiful gallery 2y
  •   maya_b__ @dylannolte thank you so much!love ur photos too!!! 2y

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