idkaccents @irishniallerwasnaked #imagine You weren't quite the party girl, you were always more of sweatpants and ponytail girl . However, your best friend Ashely was. She always had make up on her face and her high heel pumps ready to jump on that dance floor. She always made you go to clubs with her, while she drank her life away. You didnt like to drink so you were always stuck babysitting her and you hated it. But because she was your bestfriend you didn't want her to know that. You sucked it up and went to every club with her. Like tonight, you were at this new club uptown from where you lived and it was so loud. You hated loud. Once you and ashley walk in and make your way to the bar, drunk guys already start hitting on you. This is disgusting you thought to yourself, but Ashely was loving the attention. She grabbed both guys and made her way into the middle of the dance floor . You turn to back to the bartender to order a drink, when a guy beats you to it. "can I have a sherley temple please?" he asked. You eyed the boy up and down. He was gorgeous and tall and really fit. You must've been staring for a long time because he started talking to you. " Hi I'm Liam." he stammered clearly nervous. "I'm not interested, so don't bother." you said said to him. He looked really confused. "Did I say something to bother you, I'm sorry . I just saw you looking at me and I thought you wanted to talk and I'm sorry." Liam let out. (rest in comments) 3y
  •   idkaccents HAHA, I didn't mean that it's just my bestfriend always drags me to these places and I get a little jittery." I spoke to him. "if you don't like it, how about we go somewhere?" you nodded your head yes and before you knew it you and Liam were climbing to the roof of the building. "may I have this dance?" he asked flirty-like. "yes you may." you responded in the same tone. And you were two just stood there in each others arms swaying back and forth. "I never got your name love" he said. " oh sorry it's Rachel ." "hmm that's beautiful and so are you" he said. "that's cheesy, I mean c'mon ." you laughed at him. But instead of trying to fix what he had said he just kissed you and let you rest your head on his chest, as you two continued swaying on that rooftop for the rest of the night . - Kay I hope you like it xx 3y
  •   idkaccents @irishniallerwasnaked I'm glad (: xx 3y
  •   lil_b303 Can I have one please? I dont mind if you don't do it. Only if you want to 3y
  •   lovedanielle4 Can i please have one? :) 3y
  •   idkaccents @ilove_1d93 @its_brookey @lovedanielle4 we're going to have another imagine day soon, but we're done for the night . Sorry . 3y
  •   lil_b303 It's all good(: @nialls_princesses 3y
  •   lovedanielle4 Okay its fine! :) 3y

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