cboimages My grandpa vintage razor that he still uses daily. We were conversing about "man stuff" while he was shaving and the idea for this pic was born. #cboimages #photonerd #photography #vintage #rva #richmond 4y
  •   josh4mayor That's the best type of razor right there 4y
  •   karkan We still use this exact same razor back home in Iraq now a days. Every single man there does. It's funny how behind we are, it's vintage for Americans and modern for us Iraqis! 4y
  •   cboimages @karkan some things doesn't need change I like that. I wish with some things I could keep it the same way 4y
  •   karkan True that bro. That's why my friends sometimes call me "old school", because I like to keep it simple! 4y
  •   thehazeleyed_1 This is a great capture!!!! 3y

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