evelynlozada Evelyn Lozada Johnson 4y
  •   uptgirl Looking like Beyonce ! But better . Hope all is well ! keep ya head up 3y
  •   cheeks2bigg Drop dead gorgeous!! 3y
  •   meghannriggs @evelynlozada I always could see you had a good heart when watching your show....I'm happy your learning about you and healing and becoming that phenomenal woman. All you need is you @evelynlozada 3y
  •   cocoakisses14 No beyonce has class she has NONE OR SELF RESPECT 3y
  •   leahb13 Love love love!!!! 3y
  •   meicycarter Shout me out Ev please youll make my whole day. @evelynlozada 3y
  •   vlevam Photography by ~~~~> Carlos!!!!!! :) 3y
  •   sparksnstyle Love this 3y

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