akiraceo No one say cendol cannot in ball shape. XD 3y
  •   akiraceo @annant kinda but slightly bigger and less Q. like peninsular cendol but in round shape. @alicialai0211 the guy make the chendol into balls but failed to retain the chewy ness. 3y
  •   annannie3 But normal cendol not Q also >.~ 3y
  •   akiraceo @annannie3 that's the different between sarawak and peninsular chendol. ours and longer larger and chewy. hehe. 3y
  •   annannie3 Seem like a lot of good Foods there! Must visit soon :D 3y
  •   akiraceo @annannie3 uh hum. anything u find in peninsular is divergent here 3y
  •   akiraceo different* 3y
  •   constance.ant Never try that when I was there last time! 3y
  •   annannie3 Good good! Then can have different food ;) 3y

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