thedesignfiles Computer says no. :( 4y
  •   spenceroni It's called a Kernal Panic. If it happens often you might have bad RAM in your computer. 4y
  •   thedesignfiles Oh oh kernel panic!! Thanks @spencerharrison ! It happens maybe once every couple of weeks? But I do have a very busy laptop...! 4y
  •   spenceroni Maybe get a techy friend to run a memory check on it overnight to see if there is a problem. Shouldn't really happen at all. Damn pain when it does if you haven't saved! 4y
  •   lady_fable Be careful Lucy. This happened to my computer ended up at the mac hospital for a month! Make sure you are using time machine! 4y
  •   thedesignfiles Oh good call @lady_fable !!! I do but I am 4y
  •   thedesignfiles Going to make sure it backs up tonight ! X 4y
  •   georgi_lewis @thedesignfiles yes time machine is the answer. 4y
  •   finetoothcomb After replacing my hard drive last week, it's somewhat reassuring that it happens to the 'pros' too. Not a particularly helpful thing to hear?! 3y

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