trevorcolden Out to dinner with this bro! 2y
  •   chasemajury Dude westgates the shit 2y
  •   jth96 Yeah! Keep killing it and inspiring/motivating people like me @trevcolden .I appreciate everything you're doing for skateboarding @trevcolden . 2y
  •   jackxlame Westgate is the best he has monster pop 2y
  •   bangthis West gate is a BEAST! And you! Haha you two are for sure in my top 5 favorite skaters 2y
  •   bangthis Westgate* fuck autocorrect 2y
  •   rafsel My fav! 2y
  •   fjiori @trevcolden you inspire me alot ur killing it dude 2y
  •   drewstephens blew up so fast! 2y

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