thejenini dead tired. #tradeshowseason 3y
  •   love_mi_juju I'm sure jobs are always less glamorous than they seem, but I'm so set on becoming a buyer for kl , my dream job! 3y
  •   thejenini @love_mi_juju lemme know if you're ever interested in interning! xo 3y
  •   love_mi_juju I sure am! Omg you don't know how hype I was when I saw you said this! That is what I'm hoping to do summer '13 since I'm required to do an internship the summer before my senior year I've been planning on trying to intern for kl for so long! 3y
  •   im_thatsomebody Hi @thejenini what internship opportunities are there?! I would be interested in something part-time. 3y
  •   love_mi_juju Is there any other way I can keep in contact with you? My email is 3y
  •   thejenini @love_mi_juju @misssammiss email me resumes ladies! 3y
  •   thejenini no spam pleaseeee xx 3y

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