kmichellemusic Me and my bish Punkie Brewster. 3y
  •   stingray_202 @kmichellemusic it's funny folks mistakes crazy when u just keeping it real! Luvya 3y
  •   punkees_kloset You named ya bitch after me hilarious 3y
  •   okayangeline Shirts from forever21? 3y
  •   im_bossy2 Ugly ass dog 3y
  •   muva_a Y'all females on here is so corny , y'all wouldn't even talk half this shit to her face y'all would get knocked out cold like rasheeda , get a life , can't even pay y'all own bills probably using wifi to comment on this anyway lol 3y
  •   incognito72 Steve madden boots 3y
  •   herriott_bulldogs Hey I. Breed them dogs. If u want a nother ket me know .a gift feom me to u 3y
  •   nikkaaaa___ My inspiration! @kmichellemusic 2y

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