•   g.w.t.b.s @cst85 how is it ridiculous? considering 90% of companies dont sponsor year round.. I work my ass off to be able too race and get sponsors i dont need you to give me shit 3y
  •   cst85 @ryantherkildsen_300 you said "do you sponsor" you know they "sponsor" already athletes like shackled, pastrana. So it was a ridiculous question . Love xx 3y
  •   cst85 Sheckler* 3y
  •   djbobbybkmk I need some bigger stickers for road cases,dirtbike and show truck. 3y
  •   ethika You the man @djbobbybkmk will have some made! 3y
  •   andysanders_old How can I get ethika stickers to put on my bike? 3y
  •   illsnatchyajulz @ethika i won this bike on a viddy contest that @meekmill hosted , i got contacted and by @wbr and ive been waiting 6-months to here anything back , anyway u can help me out? 2y
  •   illsnatchyajulz #bikelife @ethika please help ! 2y

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