libedon Half moons with #julep Natalie and #chinaglaze Re-Fresh Mint, accented with a mini Sally's gold polish! I used paper reinforcements and a toothpick to create this manicure. Yay! 2y
  •   libedon @kellytattoo haha they do look a little similar! Side note, I've been using Orly's PolyShield as a top coat - dries super fast and much thinner than seche, and with less shrinking! 2y
  •   jlinds_nails Fantastic combo!!! 2y
  •   libedon @jlinds_prettyinpolish thank you! 2y
  •   kellytattoo I'll have to try it but I lovvvve my seche and just got one of the huge refill bottles! Hahha 2y
  •   libedon @kellytattoo lol no matter how many other ones I try I always end up back with seche. It's just so good. :) 2y
  •   kellytattoo I ran out when I was waiting for my big bottle to arrive and seriously I tried my other top coats and they were awful hahha I just sort of stopped painting my nails for a few days ha 2y
  •   libedon Natalie photographs so orange. I promise it's more pink in real life. 2y

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