cfromli_thecraftbeerlife #67 - Tun Tavern in Atlantic City, NJ. Of the 8 beers in the sampler, most were pretty unmemorable, and some undrinkable. The best of I had was the Hefeweiss seasonable. The place itself has nice ambiance, and good food; with a nod to the USMC which was awesome. #craftbeer #beerporn #beerstagram #instabeer #atlanticcity #AC #tasters #cheers #brew #brewing #tuntavern 2y
  •   cfromli_thecraftbeerlife @foodsweatnbeers - other than firewaters, not really when it comes to craft beer. Lots of fun places, but not lots of good beer from what I can see. Drinking a blue moon can at a beach bar at the moment - it's as crafty (meaning not at all) as it's going to get :) 2y
  •   wchesak Semper fi 2y
  •   cfromli_thecraftbeerlife @tomfranz - honestly, most of the brews had a Homebrew taste to them, somewhat stale, etc. the Hefe was the only one that tasted 'professional' 2y
  •   cfromli_thecraftbeerlife @foodsweatnbeers - hey. We just passed a beergarden on the boardwalk at Caesars. Seems to have a craft bottle selection. Harpoon. Victory. Blue Point. Flying Fish. Were some of the options. 2y
  •   wllmcnnn You're in my hometown! 2y
  •   johnnyhammahstix Can you get your hands on some Terrapin Hopzilla? 2y
  •   cfromli_thecraftbeerlife @thewizardinblack - I've never seen it myself. Terrapin is from Georgia I think. I haven't seen it in NY yet, at least at any of the places I shop at. 2y
  •   cfromli_thecraftbeerlife @wllmcnnn - has been a fun few days. Heading out today. Cheers! 2y

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