andrelorico & a good morning from this little monster #waynelorico 4y
  •   p_eazzzy damn yall look dead on father and son. you cant deny hes not yours lol 4y
  •   lisavonteese Too cute! 4y
  •   gina_kimmm Where'd you get this pup? I'm thinking about getting one. 4y
  •   andrelorico @kanielaakuna you're always welcome over bro! @p_eazzzy right on! Haha @gkimc got him from a breeder. Grab my number from a homie I'll fill you in 4y
  •   gina_kimmm Cool thanks. 4y
  •   jingaling424 Awe my babies! Well only one now since the other one is all grown but will always be my baby. Love you...Mom 4y
  •   jus_swaggin Brain 4y
  •   mabellleean Cute dog!! 4y

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