•   thomas_k What I noticed immediately was the biker in the background... Mainly because I always try to capture them for my pictures Have I ever mentioned that I totally love your color work?! 3y
  •   cirkeline Just love your colours Vlad 3y
  •   vladatat @cirkeline thanks, I have to admit this is far too experimental. Completely altering the hues with 3 point curves and RGB levels. @thomas_k hey Thomas, Thanks for noticing! It's my favorite part and the reason for posting! By the way, a photo walk with you and Christina somewhere in Prague (or Berlin, or Copenhagen ;)) is my photographic fantasy! 3y
  •   cirkeline Sooo experimental!! Lol! I second your photographic fantasy Vlad! Anywhere will do!! :) @thomas_k @vladatat 3y
  •   jeremypair You got her! Mine were all over exposed when we saw her a couple of weeks ago. 3y
  •   gabrieliaguilar Linda 3y
  •   saskynelson Your work is such a treat 3y
  •   vladatat @saskynelson hey huge thanks for that! 3y

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