_trinhx3 My favorite dog yet! Pink, green, and hearts! good luck riders this weekend!!! #pelotonia #endcancer #victoriassecret #lovepink #minidog #collection 3y
  •   model_jenna22 How'd you get that?? 3y
  •   _trinhx3 @jennajayy you have to find a rider who has one that's willing to sell you want cuz they were only available in Columbus, OH n NYC 3y
  •   kaithall13 How do u get all of these dogs?! @trinnyinny13 3y
  •   _trinhx3 @kaitlynh98 most of them are from stores, exclusive ones I had to hunt the Internet for. It's quite a time and money consuming hobby lol 3y
  •   kaithall13 @trinnyinny13 we'll it's also my newest hobby and if u see any exclusive ones let me know and ill buy them off of u! 3y
  •   _trinhx3 @kaitlynh98 how many do you have right now? eBay is usually a good place to keep an eye on 3y
  •   kaithall13 @trinnyinny13 I've just started I only have the 6 that just came out yesterday but I'm looking for more of them 3y

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