selk First of all, I'd like to thank @photooftheday for featuring one of my images the other day. Thank you for that. Very nice.
And second of all, I'd like to thank @philgonzalez from for his interview with me posted today in the "Focus On" section on the website. It's always fun to do interviews and be featured and talk about Instagram and this community. If you have a minute, run on over and check it out! You might learn some things about me and wish you hadn't later! In the meantime, "Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person."
- Albert Einstein @nina1998k
  •   hirozzzz Congrats! Will do :) 2y
  •   ekalex Congrats Sarah. I've read the interview. Love to know a little bit about you. And I am very happy to know that you included me. I am a later follower but Lovelove your style!! 2y
  •   chrisozer Just read the interview, Sarah. So great to learn more about you. And, you are way too kind, but the feeling is completely mutual. That's sone excellent company, too. Great interview @philgonzalez! 2y
  •   kbasta Sarah!!! Just read your fantastic interview and am so humbled and happy that you mention me, girl! { bowing down to your continued awesomeness... } Big big hugs. We WILL share a bottle of wine (or two, etc) someday. :) 2y
  •   kbasta And, so nice to know more about you! And - as always - I just adore your work. Your eye and ability and storytelling continues to floor me... 2y
  •   dx_arun Lovely interview Sarah. Really love your work. Reminds me of good the world felt while listening to a bedtime story. 2y
  •   alecsander_am Congratulations!!!! Your photos are lovely every time 2y
  •   dina_1603 Great photos! 2y

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