•   aumack21 thanks! @nwrocks 4y
  •   nwrocks @aumack21 yeah dude, these cars are awesome 4y
  •   aumack21 haha ya they are i love them, it has some power for a honda haha and its a stick, its my first car ive financed, feels good lol @nwrocks 4y
  •   nwrocks Dude your gonna have that car for years and years to come, honda and toyota is where its at 4y
  •   aumack21 ya only has 30k miles ive had a honda before and it was running like new with 140k miles @nwrocks 4y
  •   nwrocks Yeah it will probably go for 400,000 if its takin care of! 4y
  •   aumack21 damnnn haha hell ya @nwrocks 4y
  •   nwrocks Yup 4y

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