champagnepapi 416 2y
  •   juliannazinn I would give anything to talk to you Aubrey. Honestly lol I need advice on a lotta shit going on in my life and I'd love to know more about yours. Your my fucking inspiration to never stop trying and I listen to your music 24/7. 2y
  •   juliannazinn It would mean everything to me if you hmu I need someone like you right now. I completely understand you have so many other bitches goin "omggg drake you're like totally my idol and I love you so much omgomgomg" but it's not like I can prove I'm not like everyone else sooo I understand lol. <3 2y
  •   sayruh__ Love you 😶 1y
  •   sayruh__ I you 1y
  •   sebastian_________ Could you give me a short shoot-out please :)? 12mon
  •   angelxque_ love you @champagnepapi 11mon

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