gavinrudy Where will it take you? // #shed #abandoned #forest #instaaaaah #instagood 3y
  •   kskendns I tagged youu 3y
  •   emilyjean.thomas THIS. IS. AWESOME. 3y
  •   gavinrudy @murderinthecity it was super neat! middle of the forest, too! 3y
  •   emilyjean.thomas Dang. That's my kind of place! Where are you from? 3y
  •   gavinrudy @murderinthecity it totally reminded me of some of your work! i'm from evergreen, colorado, it's just outside of denver, but this was taken in new london, new hampshire. what about you, where are you from? 3y
  •   emilyjean.thomas Gahhhh, that's amazing. I've always wanted to go to Colorado! Haha. But I'm from good ole Pennsylvania (: 3y
  •   gavinrudy @murderinthecity well if you ever come out, give me a holler! and by the looks of your photos, pennsylvania can't be that bad ;) glad to see you back on IG, i've missed your stuff! 3y
  •   emilyjean.thomas Okay! I most definitely will (: But thanks! It's good to be back (: PA isn't THAT bad but Colorado is better. haha. 3y

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