libedon Mini #haul from Sally's - #ChinaGlaze Hey Sailor, Flip Flop Fantasy, Re-Fresh Mint, and First Mate. I am so excited - these were some of my biggest lemmings! CG is on sale for $4.99 each at Sally's - go for it! 3y
  •   libedon @lishamarisha lol. I did that once, and I did it on the same day. I bought Essie as gold as it gets twice on accident, probably because I was dazzled by how pretty it is haha! 3y
  •   libedon @sampow93 I had it on my toes a few weeks ago - I loved it, it's like an instant tan! 3y
  •   feliifel Just got home from Sally's! 3y
  •   libedon @feliifel woo hoo! I had no idea they had a sale till I walked in! Can't wait to see your finds :) 3y
  •   ahpohxin I like how you couldn't wait to get home, you had to take them out, put them on your dashboard and take a picture. 3y
  •   libedon @ahpohxin haha I have another picture just like this on my feed! I just get so excited to share with everyone 3y
  •   liv_walbeck I have the same exact pink!! 3y
  •   libedon @liv_walbeck yay! I love it! 3y

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