•   pfmedic Truly in love with the gold rims. Gorgeous. 3y
  •   jasonrsugg @pfmedic Thank you. I appreciate that. 3y
  •   jasonrsugg *tag team. 3y
  •   pfmedic Well damn bro that's just such a clean look! I may consider powder coating my rims gold one day as well... as long as they keep making these tire sizes the stock rims use 3y
  •   jasonrsugg @pfmedic powder coat would be the way to do it. Mine are just automotive enamel and a cleat coat. Haha... Cheapo. Next projects are ss brake lines through the swing arm, and a race tail section. Dudes are also swapping on Ducati wheels with some modification. 3y
  •   pfmedic Through the swing arm is my next project so I can mount my Fabian hugger then pain the Fabian seat cover. This winter: two brothers exhaust with unipods and hord 3.0 kit 3y
  •   jasonrsugg @pfmedic you got it all planed out. Huggers look soo good. 3y

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