entropies Flying home. 4y
  •   entropies @michelemuska you too! (I still feel like I'm in trouble for that beach ball incident...I blame Steve!) 4y
  •   entropies Did you and Victoria make it home? 4y
  •   entropies @djbuttons I've been loving my travels for a change of scenery. 4y
  •   michelemuska We finally did. It was a great trip. Yes. I'm wearing a neck brace now. Not really. I'm fine. That's what you get when you listen to someone else!!!! Maybe I'll see u next month? 4y
  •   victoriafindlaywolfe Took a different route home... Dallas to ny... Weird travel day! Great to see you Luke! 4y
  •   entropies @michelemuska what's next month? I'd bet you of all people could make a neck brace stylish. 4y
  •   entropies @victoria_bumblebeans happens that way sometimes. Did you get some Bbq?!? Inquiring minds want to know! 4y
  •   michelemuska Quilters Take Manhattan. 4y

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