lalygirl Never again 4y
  •   hoshizaru Laly, wonderful work. 4y
  •   omkars @lalygirl @blortblort May I ask? Did you love your dads? Did your dads love you? Do you think they would want you sad when you think of them ..... or would they want you to overflow with happiness from their memory? They would be proud of you....... If they loved you, they and You deserve to be happy when you remember them.... Please try this even if you think silly. Imagine your happiest memory of them..... Without moving your head.... Move your eyes up and to the left ..... Do 2 more times .... And notice how you feel ..... Hug 4y
  •   mlturbin Very moving and beautiful 4y
  •   pearldiver Brilliant !!!....intimidating yet inviting to pass to the other side!!! 4y
  •   lalygirl @hoshizaru thank you. He did love me and I him. 4y
  •   lalygirl @pearldiver @mlturbin thank you friends 4y
  •   kristinae Blows my mind! 3y

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