•   r1ck5ta I try to stay in touch with my feminine side! @lunamorphz 3y
  •   r1ck5ta @fjg_mia thats what I get from hanging out with you too long... 3y
  •   r1ck5ta Lol come and visit. @fjg_mia 3y
  •   bmarieg24 I'm starting to think little Ricky and gagey look alike. Miss you guys! 3y
  •   alexandrayruela @bmarieg24 lol you think so?? I think he looks like kyler! Lol 3y
  •   bmarieg24 @alexandrayruela look at Gageys recent pics- I think it's the nose and eyes. I always thought it was ky too bc the hair, but def gage now. Lol! 3y
  •   bmarieg24 I just think its funny how much they all look alike :) 3y
  •   alexandrayruela @bmarieg24 yea they do look alike I thought I was going to have a dark baby with black hair lmao they definitely look related tho 3y

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