bringin88back Work in progress on Stacy's Mom...#stormtrooper 3y
  •   gryblk Wifey told me to hold up on plastidip...told me to break it in first before I do anything to the whip hahaha...bout to murder it out 3y
  •   evolvedfootwear How long does that stay? Do you use that so it can be removed? 3y
  •   gryblk Maybe I come over and just do it without her knowing lolz 3y
  •   gryblk Doubt she will notice 3y
  •   gryblk A 3y
  •   bringin88back @gryblk hahaha just the tip 3y
  •   bringin88back @evolvedfootwear ive heard good things about the durability and if it starts t fade just hit it with touchups. But yeah I'm using plastidip just in case I dont like it any more I can remove it. 3y
  •   gryblk @bringin88back just for a second 3y

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