dancemomsfans Little Maddie! #adorable 2y
  •   _bosscee I Agree With @Bacongirl13 But Chloe Is My Favorite ! 2y
  •   marleyburd5 I love them 2y
  •   alisakissooo Why is she dressed like that ? She looks like a 20 yr old girl in a 7 year old girls body ... ? Although she is a beautiful little girl. cheers 2y
  •   joycelyn_erica_xoxo Hey! @dancemomsfans I absolutely LOVE your account! And I wanted to know if you could help with my account please answer! I will literally scream! 2y
  •   no__longer__active__ @alisakissooo what are you talking about???? Have you ever seen dance moms??? They dress like that all the time!!! Those are there dance costumes!! And she doesn't look like a 20year old?!?!! 2y
  •   mayakimmel Maddie you are soooooo cute 2y
  •   savage23451709 Strippers wear costumes too doesn't make it any less degrading and wrong 2y
  •   kayleehood Cute 2y

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