kblock43 My good run at #WRCFinland ended early this morning with a broken a-arm on this jump. It was a bit of a hard landing, but nothing compared to the bigger jumps I've done on this rally. It's too bad, I would have loved to have finished the rally in my 10th place position. #thatsrally #badluck 2y
  •   joshsmilesb_i_g go get em 2y
  •   shnitzz Ur havin a lot of trouble dang 2y
  •   kylekloewer You do the most crazy things do you really are still 2y
  •   brgt350 Wow, tore out the pick up point. That sucks, sorry to hear about the retirement. 2y
  •   dohmer @justinwadereynolds hahaha your gunna weld that? Retard you don't weld a pivot point.. Do you not see where it's broken? Moron 2y
  •   justinwadereynolds @cccccc_chris sorry didn't know that I sounded angry. No anger here just was a little appalled that people were talking trash to @kblock43 on here his own posts. I got respect for the guy. 2y
  •   b_u_e_l_l_e_r What happens when you drive ford. 2y
  •   deddykurkur yes, and now I'm still lying in the hospital @bangbangtooth #TEK!! 2y

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