solecollector Fire Red IVs // You copping or passing? 3y
  •   chemical_imbalance I passed but now Im going back to cop on Saturday when I get my Gold Medal Pack 7s. I KNOW that Ill regret it dowm the line because they are dope regardless. Who cares if the Nike isnt on the back or if the name of the color got changed? Lol ppl are hilarious. TIMES HAVE CHANGED!! Then in 10 or 20 years when they re-retro again, the same ppl will be hyping up the 2012s (that are currently being dissed) smh 3y
  •   chemical_imbalance Real heads feel where Im coming from. If you want OGs, go pay that OG money or stfu. 3y
  •   dockim23 Have first pair of Js when I was a kid..#nostalgic 3y
  •   dotsquiat Where ya ogs at @chemical_imbalance ? 3y
  •   chemical_imbalance @tdot_illdude I dont own OGs but I also dont go around comparing the OGs to the newer retroes like most people nowadays. I dont trip off of shoes like that thats why I said for the ppl whis hollering that they want OGs, they need to cough up that OG money. 3y
  •   chemical_imbalance *whos 3y
  •   justin_vs_jay Rockin them as we speak!!! 3y
  •   waynick_ Those were my first Jordan's 3y

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