xxxanszie Thank God I work for GameStop. Lol. I'm so excited for these games, and I don't even have a 3DS! @royjovero #gamestop #game #kingdomhearts #3d #dreamdropdistance #theatrhythm #finalfantasy #squareenix 4y
  •   vernmurdoc So fuxking good. Both of them 4y
  •   xxxanszie Uuugghh. I bet. I don't event have a 3DS yet. Waiting on the holiday season for a pink 3DSXL. Well, at least I hope they have one. 4y
  •   steffyd21 Lol! I'll let you borrow mine 4y
  •   xxxanszie Oohh gurroow! You would be the bestest. 4y

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