twwly Savouring the first taste of our 2012 Duncan Farm pork. A transcendent experience. Thank you, pigs. This is a remarkable gift. 3y
  •   unhipnic Looks delicious! 3y
  •   oliviacweb If only all animals were raised well and slaughtered as humanely as possible. I might eat meat again. 3y
  •   moss_man Ahhh!! Looks incredible! But I have a strong suspicion the photos don't really do it justice. 3y
  •   twwly @moss_man I could wax poetic over our pasture raised pork for hours. No joke. :) 3y
  •   laurencarman Hubs slaughters a pastured pig every year, it is some magical pork. 3y
  •   twwly @munsterp Gotta come visit! 3y
  •   twwly @spliffsuicide It was! :) 3y
  •   twwly #bacon 3y

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