maplesyrup Mare Island: Down The Line 4y
  •   travelholics Love this angle and REALLY love the edit 4y
  •   njcarron I really like the color, monotone approach you chose for this. Relates to the sun, the heated reflection off the metal. @maplesyrup 4y
  •   maplesyrup @debinsf Thanks Deb! Hey when you get a chance send me the article, I would love to read it! 4y
  •   maplesyrup @auntie thank you!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend 4y
  •   maplesyrup @njcarron Yes, I'm so glad that came was blazing hot that day 4y
  •   maplesyrup @travelholics Ih, thank you - that means a lot to me Liz 4y
  •   poppybay Such a futuristic aspect to this and again, you really found the light. 4y
  •   maplesyrup @poppybay Thanks Heather! I love it when I come across your comments 3y

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