•   mistyannc Thank you @xc90_04 It's one of those charming old ones 4y
  •   mistyannc Thank you @sandollars Aw I just love these old streets :) 4y
  •   wandajbarreto Lovely street, nice edit 4y
  •   mistyannc Aw thank you so much @wandajbarreto :) 4y
  •   kaspa_arg What a charming street!! 3y
  •   mistyannc @kaspa_arg - Yes I can walk around there for hours Thank you for all your likes and comments. You are very kind 3y
  •   kaspa_arg Oh no, thank you my friend by the way I could get lost walking along those streets for hours at a time as well. I this in Sweeden? 3y
  •   mistyannc Yes it's in Stockholm, Sweden. @kaspa_arg But you would not get lost there... It's not that big ;) Lovely odd shops and gallerys there too :) 3y

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