•   chelleiz Omg i love this pic girl ugh i miss the beachhhhhh 3y
  •   chelleiz Wish i could it!!! 3y
  •   justabreeze @chelleiz Thank you Izzo! Wish you were here too! Come visit anytime. 3y
  •   deb_jones Oh WOW…. This is beautiful…… Well done Tammy.      3y
  •   justabreeze @deb_jones I think we have moved to paradise. There is so much beauty all around. The water was so calm that morning and the dolphins were swimming by. It was stunning! 3y
  •   deb_jones Sounds wonderful Tammy ...!!!! Lucky you ... Where about's exactly have you moved to and how come you made the move. ??? Looks like its going to be an awesome place to take pics...!!!! 3y
  •   justabreeze @deb_jones we moved to Savannah, Georgia. Very beautiful here, lots of history as well. My husband lost his job and we decided this is where we love. Plus our youngest son has been living here about 6 years. We have the historic area about 10 minutes one direction and the Ocean about 10 minutes the other. Hope to stay forever! 3y
  •   justabreeze @jenn_lee_ru Thank you! Love taking pictures with the water. 3y

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