leequezaart Last week to get prints and originals from our Summer in the Series collection! Once they're gone they are GONE! New series debuting next week same day as the show AND will be pieces not included in the show! Interest piqued? Thanks again for all the love and support! Www.iartyou7883.bigcartel.com #iartyou7883 #summer #paintings #prints #last #week 2y
  •   800_tons Hopefully I get a chance to cop an original from the new series. Bet they'll sell out fast. Just a few days til your big day. 2y
  •   leequezaart @800_tons that would be awesome man! Just psyched to have the show! Hope you got you're prints 2y
  •   800_tons I did. I framed and mounted them today. I'll post a pic tomorrow when the natural light pours in. 2y
  •   arliebeachart @iartyou7883 I love your work I'll be in LA in a couple months would love to do a collabo piece if your Down 2y

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