•   aclair_chouxcreme Oh my! helppp  3y
  •   sh671031  3y
  •   kakathewestie @zahramf @mariamherrera @aclairwestie haha it's a rope frisbee sort of toy! He probably had too much fun biting the rope that he didn't realise it's looped over him, but all is well! The toy's not tight around his head/neck! 3y
  •   kakathewestie @kma428 i only clean up his beard after his meals that's all! does your westie run about and play in grass or muddy grounds often? 3y
  •   kristen_428 @kakathewestie Yea. My westies love the dirt and they eat it too. I do use this one product, but my westies beards still have a brownish tint. What do you use? 3y
  •   kakathewestie I don't use anything! Just a damp hanky to wipe his mouth. Serious! His shampoo has no whitening properties too. I think it's cos he doesn't often go on grass and muddy areas. 3y
  •   johnlupi I'm in love with you!! 3y

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