hipstaroll Big thanks to the King of Claunch, Jason (@jas132) for taking us back to the basics this past week.

It's Thursday, and you know what that means around here... we offer up a post where you can collectively leave feedback/ thoughts/ tips about what you did or didn't like about the combo of the week.

So lay it on us.... your praises, rants, raves... let's chat about #JohnS + #Claunch72Monochrome, aka #HipstaRoll_Week11.

with love,
your adoring hipstaroll leaders, @punkrawkpurl & @lucky_chucky *ْphoto by Official Hipstaroll Correspondent, Jason Mynatt*ْ
  •   repinsk Pretty much the best combo ever 3y
  •   devteros A classic. Works nearly always. 3y
  •   lucky_chucky @lichtmalerin22 I've often wished that you can move the Favorites around. You can always delete the one that you have and make a new one with the same lens & film combo. 3y
  •   lucky_chucky @larissakalinka You can always try using one of the flashes. JollyRainbo and PopRox usually do a good job at negating the effects of the lens. 3y
  •   erinishuman I liked this one quite a lot! Shots of darkish things seemed to have less vignette applied than brighter things, which I appreciate. Of course I could be just imagining it. 3y
  •   offwhitephotos Rebecca, you know it! @repinsk this combo is my number one Hipsta love. I don't use it as much as I used to, but the images it produces can become nostalgic masterpieces. The combination of clarity and foggy grunge can tell a very emotional story when you get the right shot. Love love love the wonderful portraits in this weeks roll! Thanks @jas132 for taking us on this trip down hipstaroll memory lane... 3y
  •   larissakalinka @lucky_chucky Thanks for the tip, really appreciated! I always forget the flashes being there too 3y
  •   andregalhardo My favourite! 3y

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