•   kellydoesseattle Small world! I'm with Pugs N Pals who puts on Pugtoberfest! 2y
  •   instakohl @kellydoessocal haha that's awesome! I still have his pictures from that year and the free food scooper we got! Lol 2y
  •   kellydoesseattle October 13th this year! I also manage our Facebook page, Facebook.com/pugsnpals :) 2y
  •   instakohl @kellydoessocal haha small world! That's awesome I like pugs! 2y
  •   fischry @instakohl what's up? How are you and Tank this week? 2y
  •   instakohl @fischry Hey! We are doing well just staying cool in this west coast heat wave! Tank is looking forward to the dog beach this weekend! 2y
  •   fischry @instakohl wish I could take my dogs to the beach. We have no beach in MO. Temperature has been 102 so too hot to take the frenchies outside :( they have been staying in where it's cool 2y
  •   instakohl @fischry well as long as they're staying cool and enjoying themselves, that's all that matters! Hopefully the heat cools down for your guys 2y

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