•   tornation @tkim250 no wayyy i nevwr knew u had a mac! 13 or 15in? Air or pro? :) 2y
  •   tkim315 @tornation mines is the older white Mac book 13 2y
  •   tornation @tkim250 ahhhh ic!! im about to get one from best buy next weekk with my BDAY MULAHHHH! im so excited =]  2y
  •   tkim315 @tornation lucky! My sister got the new Mac pro! I'm jealous! 2y
  •   tornation @tkim250 the one with the retina?? danggg i really dont think that is worth it. i mean its thinner and better screen with built in hdmi lol Imo it needs a little more features before they bump up the price =P 2y
  •   saba Ware do u get them 2y
  •   tornation @neon_bloom i bought them from amazon :) 2y

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