dianalatigra I will forever remember this as the place where my career really took off. Thank you to everyone that supported me for the last week and a half! I'm so excited to work at Leslie Sacks! I got the job! @beccatime @saepappas @xchachx @rattattacks @jeremy_katz @danielleeeverson @ktisme @hannibalrae @jenny_velas @iamsimplyvee @sowilliams @lhansen @tolinfitz @alysiarusso @sandswift 3y
  •   ktisme I'm so happy!!!! 3y
  •   dommytumont Holy Molly that's huge! I just checked out some of the names they have and I know its gotta be huge cus I recongize some of the artists! CONGRATS! 3y
  •   xchachx Congratulations Diana! P.s I want a bookshelf like that. 3y
  •   sandswift Major congrats, you always have my support because I know you're capable of anything and mostly because I love you, have for 21 years and will for at least 21 more! So glad to hear this great news. 3y
  •   sowilliams I knew it!! Congrats! 3y
  •   dianalatigra @ebev12 yay! 3y
  •   megan_lagrange Congrats! so proud of you @dianalatigra 3y
  •   alysiarusso Yesss! So proud 3y

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