ipickpretty You won't believe this, but my boy just brought this to me & chirped "Heart!" #cheese #butstill 2y
  •   ipickpretty If it helps offset the fromage, he was a hurricane of Toddler Terror both before & after this. 2y
  •   beachbumandbaby Oh my goodness! So sweet! (and lol on TT!) 2y
  •   ipickpretty @beachbumandbaby Isn't that always how it goes? This two-year-old stuff is both the best and the worst of times, often at the same time! 2y
  •   beachbumandbaby Oh Hun it really is. I "cry" a lot lately. Half the time it's because he's melting my heart and being so sweet. The other half is bc OMG STOOOOP whatever-it-is-that-particular-day. 2y

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