albertbrios So take heart, let His love lead us through the night. Hold on to hope and take courage again. 3y
  •   joeyhdez23 Erwin McManus is the man!!!! I go to to Church of the king its a church in new Orleans, one of my friends interned at mosaic a couple of summers ago 3y
  •   albertbrios @joeyhdez23 nice. Yeah I'm somewhat new to the church. I've been going for a year and driving about an hour to get there. I'll be moving closer in the next week or two and will most likely get more involved. Thanks for commenting 3y
  •   sammbennett More great shots, do you do photography for a living? 3y
  •   albertbrios @sammbennett Thank you. No I don't. I'm in advertising so that may help. I've never really owned a camera and I'm new to instagram. I guess it's just a passion I've never recognized or developed 3y
  •   albertbrios @sammbennett you do photos for a living? 3y
  •   sammbennett @albertbrios That's cool though! LA is such a beautiful place though I'd love to visit, I am studying it at college at the moment so hopefully in the future! 3y
  •   albertbrios @sammbennett great chatting man. Enjoy your studies 3y
  •   albertbrios Thank you @heyladeee 3y

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