easymoneysniper He too old to be talkin like that lol @bballpop 2y
  •   jack_regier Lol 1y
  •   tdory2checks Kevin text me 1y
  •   ___hck13 You are my favorite nba player @easymoneysniper KD what's your phone number please tell me! 1y
  •   thundermagic35 You are my favorite NBA player I'm 10 can u give me your phone number please 9mon
  •   levi_cole_3 Please follow me KD I've loved you ever since I started to learn about basketball you're my favorite player x300 anyways if you could do anything from liking a pick to commenting a "35" on one of my pics it would make me so happy anyways thanks for reading if you did. 7mon
  •   moodychin LMAOOOOO 7mon
  •   _basketball_king_owen I have your auto! So text me please I am turning 11 April 21 5mon

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