maplesyrup Mare Island: Assumption 3y
  •   vjv @maplesyrup No worries Linda! I'm not on IG everyday, so I'm behind in viewing & comments. It's OK 3y
  •   vjv @maplesyrup Forgot to ask - have you heard of Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre? I read about them on an app for my iPad called Intelligent Life, which is put out by The Economist (of course you can google them if you don't have that app.) They photograph run down buildings - actually make a living at it! 3y
  •   maplesyrup @vjv I actually have seen their work and not known their names. I just googled it and am blown away by the scale and beauty they capture! Thank you so much :) 3y
  •   maplesyrup @vjv oh, I just checked out the magazine and it's wonderful - thanks!!! 3y
  •   redwoodraven mmm 3y
  •   einwiller stunning light. 3y
  •   maplesyrup @einwiller Thank you! 3y

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