claudster10 Delicious!(: straight from rosarito(: #tj #mexico #tamales #penafiel #rosarito 3y
  •   victorianaseiro Everyone is going to rosarito but me! :( 3y
  •   claudster10 Really?I just went for the day yesterday! But I'm going back in a week or two....and ur going to indiana!-_- 3y
  •   victorianaseiro :( I have a perfectly good beach house there but my dadd never wants to go 3y
  •   claudster10 What the heck you have a beach house there!!:0 3y
  •   kidrene Pack you bags girls cause are asses are going to Victoria's beach house..pick you up tonight at 7, wait outside your house and don't tell anyone hahahaha 3y
  •   claudster10 @kidrene I wish that would be so awesome!! 3y

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